You can learn real traditional shaolin kung fu here at the International Shaolin Wushu Center.  Unlike the contemporary wushu that was choreographed by the Chinese government and practice mostly for show, our tradition kung fu or sometimes refer to as traditional wushu is practical and has a rich history behind it.  Shaolin kung fu is part of an ancient heritage of Chinese culture with a history of more than 1,500 years.  This fighting art was used in the wild west of China where there were no laws and order, to the gangs in the streets of Hong Kong called the Triad.  It is renowned not only for its lethal fighting skills but also for its mental discipline. The skills were passed down from one teacher to the next for many generations tracing back to its origin in the shaolin temple.  By learning this striking skill, you will be able to protect yourself and your love ones, increase self confidence, increase overall strength, flexibility, stamina, and therefore improve health.  Our school is not only about fighting.  Just like other sports, martial arts is a conduit to push you to your limit and develop the best that you can be.  

The Shaolin Temple (少林寺) is the birthplace of kung fu. It nestles in the thick forest of Mount Songshan (嵩山), one of the five majestic mountains in China.  On top of Mount Songshan in the Henan (河南) Province of Central China, there are two characters on the front gate of the temple.  The two characters are 禅meaning meditation, and 武 meaning martial, which both are currently hanging in our school.  The former character focuses on calming the mind (yin) and the latter promotes physical strength (yang).  These two perceive opposites, but together it achieves peace in the body and mind.  When mentioning the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Kung Fu always come to mind.  The history of kung fu originates in China at the Shaolin Temple.  Kung fu means hard work in Chinese.  It is not meant for the weak of heart.  To achieve success in this fighting skill, one needs to sacrifice not just money, but sweat, pain, and time and it cannot be achieved overnight.  However, the benefit is infinite.