Benefits of Kung Fu

The benefits of learning kung fu:

  1. strengthens external and internal muscles, including core muscles
  2. tones up involuntary muscles of the internal organs
  3. circulates blood and chi氣 throughout the entire body
  4. cultivates chi氣 (energy) and jing精 (vitality) in the dan tien丹田(reservoir below the belly button)
  5. builds anaerobic and aerobic conditioning
  6. calms the mind and spirit神
  7. toughens bone, skin, muscles, sinews, and mind
  8. enhances function and health of the eleven internal organs五臟六腑
  9. speed up reflexes and agility
  10. harmonizes the yin陰 and yang陽 in the body
  11. learns self-defense techniques
  12. increases flexibility of muscles and joints
  13. achieves better stability and balance
  14. relieves stress and tension physically and mentally
  15. burns calories and lose weight while having fun
  16. develops an outstanding character base on our core value and philosophy
  17. understands the camaraderie of a kung fu family
  18. keeps ones looking young and radiant
  19. prolongs quality of life and longevity