Our Vision
A strong body, a clear mind, an outstanding character

Our Mission
To promote our system of traditional Chinese gung fu 功夫

Loyalty 忠誠 – commit to your art, school, marriage, friends, work
Respect 尊敬 – respect your teacher, sifu, parent, elderly, ancestor
Honor 尊嚴 – have integrity and dignity to yourself, family, and the art of kung fu
Kindness 仁慈 – be kind and compassionate to all living things
Courage 勇敢 – conquer your fear
Righteousness 義 – enforce justice by defending the weak from unfairness
Moral 道德 – know right from wrong behavior
Strength 強壯 – keep your body strong including muscles, chi, bone, sinew
Humility 謙虛 – be humble and modest